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Old 05-13-2011, 09:03 PM   #11  
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Default Re: Deal or No Deal

Jades Jeep,

You have some great advice here...I would add the following:

-shop around and dont be shy work the price/deal after all its your hard earn money.
-everything can be nagotiated, purchase price, trade in, even financing...better yet get your own finance and be 'pre-approved' just dont tell the dealer how much :)
-you have the most power in the deal, you can say 'no have a nice day' and walk out.

IMO wild side for the color, something that screems look at me I'm a Jeep!!! Mango Tango is awsome, I love disrespect to black...all personal choice.

Good luck let us know how you make out then get ready to wave!
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Old 05-13-2011, 09:53 PM   #12  
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Default Re: Deal or No Deal

Thanks for all the input., all will not be done until we get the best price possible, of course!
We are looking around and will bargain, no doubt.
Just to add to this, Chrysler is giving 3,250 discount right now. On top of this 3,250 disc. is an additional $2- 3 G's possible from the dealer? Or is this unheard of?
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Old 05-14-2011, 07:51 AM   #13  
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Default Re: Deal or No Deal

Ya the current discounts are REALLY nice....and Im doing my best to not look too hard, want to see what becomes of the 2012 Wranger with the new Pentastar V6...more horespower and sliglty better on fuel. (plus a 5 speed slush box for those wanting a auto)

Have a look at this site

Tread liightly membership is suposto give you 1% belllow invoice, maybe you can combine the two offers? Pending how hungry the dealer is...end of the month and mid week is usually best time to deal.
Keep in mind too the dealer has a 'hold back" meaning the factory pays them a few hundered bucks once the vehical is sold/delivered, regardless of price. SO, payinng their invoice price or less is not un-heard of, and don't listen to their hard luck story about needed to make some money on the sale, thei get their hold back and if they are lucky and good enough they will get your service work...there's the dealers profit!

MSRP not! Ask to see the invioce price and work fro there!
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