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Default Continuity between Positive and Negative & Wiper problem

I know how dumb this may sound because I have a basic knowledge electronics but this has me so stumped that now I'm second guessing myself.

I've been having small problems over the years with my electrical system. Lights stopped working, wiper motor only works on high even after trying multiple Intermittent wiper modules etc...

I think I have a short somewhere in my system and the biggest clue I have is that when I remove the positive and negative wires off the battery and test the continuity between them... there is continuity. When I put the wires back on the batter and test then the continutiy is gone.

Is it anyway normal to have continuity between Positive and ground? I would think not but after pulling every fuse I don't know where else to go.

This has been an on going battle with my Jeep and right now I need to get my wipers working and think the short is the root of the problem.
(side note: There seems to be no battery voltage going to the wiper intermittent module which means no voltage to the wiper motor. I have also replaced the Wiper switch on the steering wheel and I think that it is now burnt out since the LOW setting isn't activation)

Sorry for the complicated post, I'm just trying to get some ideas before I head out in the cold to work on all these problems.

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Default Re: Continuity between Positive and Negative & Wiper problem

The continuity is correct, the vehicle will always have a loop. Key off doesn't mean everything is off. ECM memory, some relays, climate control, all have parasitic draws. Your wiper prblem sounds like the park module in the wipers is gone. Wipers work by setting themselves to park each time. In run low/high setting, they do not use the park position till you turn them off. Intermittent wipers use this park position to know where to turn off the motor and wait for the next cycle. Your low setting may be just bad luck. Change the wiper motor, and go from there.

There is no BCM (body control module) that ties these systems together as far as I know.... Year/model/options like Orvis/Grand Cherokee/ Magnum nametags may help go farther with your query.
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